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Callbreak (Call Break) is a card game similar to spades that is popular in Nepal, India and other Asian countries. Call break is played with 4 players and 5 rounds of game. Callbreak is mostly popular and played on different occasions such as Dashain, Dasehara, Diwali etc. Call break is the king of the card game and and more popular than other card games such as marriage or rummy. Callbreak is strategical card game based on luck. You can learn how to play callbreak on GamePlay: Callbreak is simple to play . 52 cards are randomly dealt among 4 players. Based on their card and tactics, they choose to bid between 1 to 8. Players throw card according to rule and the player with the highest card wins the hand. They need to win the hand equal to their bid amount. If not, they will have negative scores. This goes for 5 rounds and the player with hightest win wins the game. Callbreak is also known as Lakadi (lakdi) on some parts of India, and Toos in some parts of Nepal

Download callbreak app

Download Callbreak App

Our Callbreak app has been downloaded more than 4 million times on Google Play and App Store combined. Download callbreak app for free from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. The best card game you can enjoy.

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If you don't want to download in your android or iphone devices, you can play callbreak online here

Callbreak app features

Smooth Gameplay

Lots of animation makes player have smooth gameplay experience.

Strong AI (Bot)

We have developed smart and intelligent bot that resembles human play.

Auto Save on Game Exit

Games are automatically saved on exit. Continue whenever you like.

Completely Free

Our Callbreak app is completely free without any In-App Purchases(IAP).

Drag/Tap to Play

You can either drag cards or tap on cards to play. Makes the gameplay more real.

Small app size

You don't need huge memory space on your device to install callbreak app.

Coming Soon...

Features we are currently working at:

  • Local (Bluetooth, wifi hotspot) and Online Multiplayer
  • Multiplay with facebook friends
  • Change avatar and name
  • Statistics
  • Point System
  • Leaderboards and achievements

customers review

Wow awesome app I really installed & played so many call break games but this one is quite handsome and smoothly run. Guys in my opinion you shouldn't wait for any reason or comment it's a perfectly and well creation of its developers. my thanks goes to of its Developers & their team.

- Google Play User

Good game. Best thing is option to save game. Relaxing,enjoying, fun.

- Google Play User

Best call break game on the play store.

- Google Play User