How to play Call break card game

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Callbreak game is strategical card game. Callbreak card game is played with 4 players. A deck of card containing 52 cards(without joker) is used. At the start of the game, one player is choosen randomly as dealer. After each round finished, the next participant (in anti-clockwise direction) is choosen as dealer.

All (52) cards are randomly dealt (by the dealer) one by one among 4 players in anti-clockwise direction. After the cards are dealt, based on players' card and tactics, they choose to bid (also called "call") between 1 to 8 (minmum is 1 and maximum is 8).

Players throw card according to rule and the player with the highest card wins the hand. They need to win the hand equal to their bid amount. If not, they will have negative scores. This goes for 5 rounds and the player with hightest win wins the game.

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Download Callbreak App

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